Intro/Scientific Method Motion/Speed Atoms & Periodic Table
Earth's Interior Forces/Newton's Laws Bonding
Plate Tectonics/Motion Momentum/Work & Power Chemical Rxns
Earthquakes & Volcanoes Energy & Energy conservation Solutions
Minerals & Rocks Electricity  





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Energy Notes Skill Sheet 5-C: Energy Practice Problems PE & KE Lab


Basic Energy & conservation Video

Energy Video Packet

Energy Types Notes PP Energy overview WS Pendulum Lab Energy Video w/Energy Video Qs
Electric charges

Electrical Circuits



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Electric charges

Electrical Circuits

Ohm's Law practice Problems Circuit Lab Part I  
Electric Current Notes back Electric Power   Circuit Lab  
Electric Circuit Notes Power point w/handout      

Atoms & Periodic Table

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Atomic Theories


Periodic Table

Structure of an Atom

Atomic Calculation Practice

Bill Nye-Atoms

Electron Dot diagram practice

Model of Atoms practice

Oxidation # review

Periodic Puns

Atomic mass Activity

Bohr Model

Understanding Atoms

Electron Cloud Act.

History of Atom Virtual Lab

Isotope Act.

M&M Isotopes

Edible Atoms Project

Atomic Theory Project

Atoms PPT

Periodic Table PPT


Periodic Table Act. #2

Periodic Table Lab