Intro, Scientific Method, Metrics

Essential Questions

Notes, Power points, etc. Worksheets Labs Other
What do you remember?

Topics  for 8th grade

Topics for 7th grade

Table Top Physics Packet from Quentin Durham 1997

Table top rounding

Inference packet

Lab #1 Balance Sensitivity

Lab #2 Penny Lab


Course Expectations

Lab Safety Contract


Scientific Method

Mass "Do Now" from

Notes on Measurement


Triple Beam Balance Narrative

Elephant observation poem

Changing Metric units

Metric Step Conversion sheet

Bikini Bottoms Scientific Method

Simpson's Variable

Paper Drinking Cup activity

FBI Investigation on observation

"For Good Measure" Lab activity

Metric Mania

Volume Labs

Candy bar Density Lab 

Nature of Science Crossword Puzzle


Earth's Interior

Essential Questions

Notes, Power points, etc. Worksheets Labs Other
Chapter 1 Sect. 4&5 w/guided notes   from Cronin Ch.1 book Questions

Dynamics of Earth

Chapter 1 packet

Earth Science Crossword puzzle

Density Lab w/PPT


Model of the Interior of the Earth Lab w/M&Ms


Scale model of the Earth's Interior

Pangaea Activity



Journey to the Center of the Earth Article or w/Questions


Moho Gone Missing


Earth's layer table & diagram

Gluep Lab 






And another Jeopardy

Plate Tectonics notes w/Guided notes Movement of Plate WS

Continental Drift Puzzle Activity

Movement of continents Activity 

Continental Drift Video on united streaming
Continental Drift   w/ Guided notes  

Seafloor Spreading Activity

Seafloor Spreading Activity as a DEMO



Plate Map and Questions Activity

Graham Cracker Tectonics

Modeling Convection Currents Lab #1 (no ice)

Convection Currents Lab

Burning Up Labfloating candle

Tour de Plates thinkquest


Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Essential Questions

Notes, Power points, etc. Worksheets Labs Other

Earthquakes Notes

Earthquake Notes by Mrs. Judkins

Seismic wave notes w/Student handout

Ch.2 Qs

EQ Characteristic WS

Forces of Earth's Crust WS

Richter Scale WS

Earthquake Search Activity & Map

Earthquake Activity 2

Earthquake Lab Frequency

Investigating EQ speed

Earthquake Video
Volcanoes Part I

Volcano Notes Part 2 with Guided notes

Volcano Earthominoes Ring of Fire activity Volcano Travel Brochure & Rubric

Student tracking sheet & follow up

Volcano video Questions


Weather & Climate

Notes, Power points, etc. HW & Worksheets Labs Other



1-3 & 1-4 Atmosphere Guided Notes

Chapter 2 Guided notes and reinforcement packet includes energy in the atmosphere, heat transfer & winds


Chapter 1  Qs


Review & Reinforcement


Chapter 2 Qs


Detecting Oxygen & CO2


% Oxygen in the atmosphere


Atmosphere model


Heat Capacity

Atmosphere Video


Video questions from Bill Nye video part 1, part 2, part 3

Weather w/guided notes

Chapter 3 Qs


Twister Video Qs

Weather map Activity

Weather Patterns Activity &


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Rocks & Minerals

Notes, Power points, etc. Worksheets Labs Other

Mineral Notes & guided notes from Caitlin Cronin


Ch.4Sect.1 Qs

Mighty mineral: What is a mineral? Mineral Mania II from sciencespot

Mineral WS

Mohs Scale of Hardness WS


Crystal growing


Sulfur & salt Lab


Mineral ID


Mineral Mania


Cookie Mining w/teacher set up


Another cookie mining


Rock cycle stations from Illinois State Museum pgs. 4-9

Mighty Minerals Project w/mineral choices from


Mineral Uses Game


Identifying Minerals video Clip

Mineral Notes w/guided notes

Rock Notes w/guided notes 

Igneous & Metamorphic Worksheets

Journey through rock cycle game & comic strip

Rock cycle WS

Rock & Roll Riddles w/Rock pics

Rock Lab using Rock Key

Cookie Rock Lab

Mineral Mastermind

Pet Rock Projects


Motion, Forces, & Energy

Essential Questions

Notes, Power points, etc. Worksheets Labs Other
Motion notes Ch.1 w/guided notes mod. from Caitlin Cronin

Ch.2 w/guided notes mod. from Caitlin Cronin

Graphing Motion packet from  Investigating the Velocity of a sinking marble  

Motion Notes from 

Motion & Speed w/guided notes

Graphing Motion w/guided notes


Formula Challenge

Speed machines

 A day at the races

Speed Problems WS

Acceleration Calculations

Acceleration Practice Problems

Speed challenge

Speed Lab w/photo gates, ramp & car

Acceleration Lab w/photo gates, ramp & car

Cool site:


Motion video

Line graph tutorial 

Notes, Power points, etc. Worksheets Labs Other
Forces w/guided notes

Motion Notes

Introduction to forces

Newton's Law & Force diagram WS

 Newton's 2nd & 3rd Law packet answer key

Video Questions

Newton's 2nd Law Virtual Lab Galileo was right:


Newton's 1st & 2nd law

Newton's 3rd Law

Newton's 3rd Law handout

Newton's 2nd & 3rd Laws

Study Guide packet

Gravity car Lab Newton's 2nd Law video & Questions
Gravity & Freefall Notes

Gravity Notes

Momentum Notes

Newton's pairs WS

Momentum WS

Conservation of Momentum

Collisions WS

Action/Reaction Lab

Collisions online simulation


Momentum, Work & Power

Notes, Power points, etc. Worksheets Labs Other
Momentum Notes pdf file Momentum WS

Conservation of Momentum WS

Collisions WS

Work, power, Energy Packet

Paper cup collision

Collisions online simulation

Momentum video quiz
Work & Power Notes Work HW WS

Power Practice Problems

Work & Power Lab

Work & Power II Lab



Chemical Interactions

Notes, Power points, etc. Worksheets Labs Other
Chemical Rxns w/guided Notes by Caitlin Cronin Chemical Rxns WS

Mixtures Vocab

Physical & Chem Change Activity

Alka-Seltzer Conservation Lab

Chemical reactions Movie WS

BrainPop Mixture & Compounds

Matter PPT

Physical & Chemical Change Notes

Chemical & Physical Changes Video Worksheet Atoms, Cmpds, Mixtures Cutouts  
  Balancing Act Practice    

Work, Power, Simple Machines

Notes, Power points, etc. Worksheets Labs Other
Work & Power Notes Power Practice Problems w/work homework (back)

Ch.4 Qs

Work/Power Lab

Marshmallow Catapult

Incline Plane Lab from text

Incline Plane from Akers

Clever Levers in Computer Lab

Work & simple machines video